These things make my day every day

All of us have things we miss if we just forget them home. For example phone, keys or head … But in this blog I’d like to speak about things that somehow make my day special. Enjoy.


The way you dress is the way you think about yourself. And there is a differnce between the coat and the jacket. The reason why I wear the coat is that every day I want dress up like I am expecting something more than yesterday.


It’s just fun. One day I realised that life is too short to listen to people who say what I should do and what kind of person I shold be. I just want to create myself the way I want. (But there are still my parents and people who know me very well and I am still listening to them!)


Very important! Every one knows someone who is always bothered by the lack of time. It’s not because of the absence of time. It’s because we don’t know how to manipulate with the time that we received. I wear watch because I want to be careful about how I spend my time.


Just because I love music.


It doesn’t matter how common is your day. Every day is a fight with the devil. And especialy when it’s hard to resist to temtation I need to focus on Jesus. And Rosary is the most powerful prayer!

Finally I’d like to say that you don’t have to be the best English speaker from the whole school to write some simple words here on the page. Just be brave and the rest will be repaired by your teachers (MMs – A.K.A. Mary and Murarik)

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