If God was one of us.

I like assigning tasks which lead students to deeper thoughts about anything. One of my favorite tasks is free writing on a specific topic. I write a topic on the board and set a time limit for students to write anything that comes to their mind when seeing the topic. No matter what the grammar and punctuation is (although sometimes it automatically makes them use certain grammar), they just lay the flow of their thoughts on a sheet of paper.

Two days ago I did this with one class. The grammar of the second conditional had been taught before, so I did not hesitate to write down the following topic:


Here are some of the thoughts of our students:

  • Just the idea that God himself is here and He has these blue jeans and smartphone is crazy. It’s God! How could He be one of us? But he was one of us. Remember? And some people wrote a book about Him.
  • Well, that’d be great 8-D. But I am not capable of imaginating that.
  • Honestly, I think that God is one of us. I mean, Jesus is human and God at the same time. He has feelings, sometimes he was happy, sometimes he was sad. He was even angry when he came to the church and saw all that “buissnessmans”.
  • I think He would be perfect persone with unbroking character. I think he would look like model, but with smart brain.
  • I would like to meet him. It would be an evidence for ateist, that God is real.
  • I’d really want to talk to him, thank him for everything and everyone in my life. I would hug him tight. But I would have many questions too… My belief would probably get stronger.
  • I couldn’t imagine that there is a something like a heaven but I want to know the truth. I will seek answers. 
  • I would like to see his face and would like to meet and know him.

Great, isn’t it? Many young people wish they had better relationship with God. And know what? I have good news for you: It is POSSIBLE! Because he has promised that, “I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.” (Matthew 28:20). How will you react to this? Would you like to seek Him with your whole heart? I invite you. Let’s start this journey. Today…

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