The clash of nations?

Some of you have spotted that there has been a thing going on at our school. The thing brought along some strange-looking individuals who wandered along the corridors of our school, occupied your desks, ate from your plates and had not come from a fairy-tale. This thing is called Erasmus+, those individuals are called project participants and in fact, it has taken 7 days.  Having become a member of the teacher project team (TPT), I would also love to share my first impressions of the week. Unlike other school bloggers who got to know their fellow-students, I would like to reveal what the project looks like from the inside.  


The TPT consists of teachers from 4 international schools. The German school was represented by two neat gentlemen, Matthias and Georg – well-organised, level-headed perfectionists who always know what to do to save the day. The Welsh school sent forth Mike – a sharp, knowledgeable academic who is always there to make you go further and try harder. The Spanish teacher delegation, which is currently being in charge of the project, was led by Bea and made up of three more charming ladies – Esther, Raquel and Eugenia. This group really is a far cry from our previous guests. Spontaneous, loud and lively, they brought life, laughter and well-balanced the working atmosphere. Without them, our discussing sessions might have been mistaken with a funeral.

Of course, it can get absolutely ridiculous at times! I’m sure I will never forget some of the clashes of the nations. Just one instance to illustrate what I mean: once the TPT was having a brief discussion about what was going to happen in the following session with their students. Matthias (the German) was getting quite uneasy as we were dramatically running out of time and needed to decide about the plan, otherwise we would not know what to say to our groups, which is a working definition of “a nightmare” for all teachers and German in particular.  He politely pointed out that we only had 10 minutes to arrange things, yet Bea (the Spanish leader) kept on discussing less relevant issues. He tried two more times and after a while an alarm clock went off from his wristwatch he had set indicating the time was up and so was his patience.

However, it is the “being-of-all-sorts” that makes the working experience so special. In fact, it is the very central idea of the project itself. We cooperate together, learn from each other, share our views, make use of our strengths and, most importantly, re-establish our European identity. I can’t explain how precious it is for our students to talk, work and interact with their international peers on a day-to-day level. Maybe seeing the smile on their faces when meeting for the first time or the thrill they had been feeling the moments before might give us a clue. The time will show the rest.

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  1. richardgurbicz píše:

    You are more than right. Having been involved in two other projects before this one, I can do nothing but confirm our common opinion, that this was the best kick-off of a project we have ever had. Thank you guys!!!


  2. Georg Völzgen píše:

    Thank you Stefan for your gentle words!!!
    You only forgot the great supporting and preparation work of all your teacher, especially Richards, yours and Pavels, Marys… We’ll never forget your hospitality and for instance the grandiose music/dance-performance…
    So once again: Thanks to everybody!!!


  3. Matthias Werner píše:

    We work together, we grow together, WE ARE EUROPE!
    We all have learnt a lot from each other and we have learnt a lot about history. Our cultures may be different, but when we are together, the mix is perfect, as we are always polite and understanding, nevertheless having lots of fun together.
    It was and still is a great pleasure to be working together with all of you.


  4. Mike Farnell píše:

    Spot on Stefan
    You are clearly a sharp observer of people, I can only repeat comments above about the warm welcome and hospitality received in Slovakia


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